Cordys announces long-term research collaboration with the University Medical Center Utrecht

July 24, 2023Collaboration

The University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) and Cordys Analytics have entered into a long-term collaboration agreement.

Both the UMCU and Cordys Analytics have considerable experience in developing AI algorithms for ECG analysis. The parties have agreed to work together on joint projects. The collaboration aims to conduct high-quality research and development of AI-powered algorithms for cardiovascular diagnostics.

“We are thrilled to have the UMCU as our long-term partner for cardiovascular research and medical expertise.”, says John van den Berg, CEO of Cordys Analytics. "The UMCU is a renowned hospital and research center and its cardiology group is highly regarded worldwide. In addition, the UMCU has a wealth of annotated ECG data with which they can help us train and validate our algorithms.“

“I'm really excited about the collaboration between our department and Cordys Analytics. The goal here is to take what we learn from our research and quickly turn it into real-world medical solutions that can be used by everyone. I look forward to this collaboration as I believe it can help us provide better care to our patients, cut down healthcare costs, and improve healthcare outcomes.” says Pim van der Harst, head of the department of Cardiology at the UMCU.

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